How tenants prefer
To listen

The ability to sync with any property management software provides for a seamless interface that allows for easy, guided communication.

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Daycare to Graduation

Bring your imagination
to life

We provide the ability to let parents know if a child is absent, and that Friday's football game is canceled. 160 characters to describe any situation while keeping a record for documentation.

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Smiles Are

Be the fuel for that next smile on your supervisor's face! Combined with YOUR expertise input of current client communication pathways, we will create an integrated communication tool with a price to please any profit concerned senior management.

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Reach Clients
Anytime, Anywhere!
Devices of All Types
Will Receive YOUR Messages With the Ability to Respond

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The Person Your Employees
Seek Communication From Anytime!

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We Come to Your Meetings!

Either Virtually or Personally!

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What People Say?

Holly Michael, Marketing and Training Director, CLK Multifamily Management is a wonderful tool to communicate with our residents quickly and effectively. We can now send out real time texting notices to our residents for water cut offs, balance due reminders, and other time sensitive material.

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Victor Carmody, Attorney At Law

I teach law office management around the country,and one of the highlights of my presentation deals with effective use of office staff time. The average staff time saved in my office,using the WE TEXT PEOPLE system is about $50,000.00 per year...

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Jodi Maughon, Madison County Chamber of Commerce

WeTextPeople has been able to give us that extra “something” to communicate with our members. It’s so easy but so efficient and useful!

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David Watson, DVM, Brandon Veterinary Clinic

Every client we offer this service to, signs up, and it has taken the headache out of our monthly reminders; it is simple, easy, and very was a no-brainer for us!

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Stephen Hamilton, Attorney At Law

I have used the We Text People program for over two years and without a doubt it is the best single piece of advertising and client management system that I have ever used.

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Jennifer Anderson, Executive Director, the Flowood Chamber of Commerce

This has been the best money that we have ever spent!

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Plans and pricing

We do not offer a “once size fits all” or a “cookie cutter” service. We like to talk with you and determine what your business needs are and then present you with a plan that will work for you and your business. Please contact us so we can better serve you.

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